About our public engagement programme and how you can get involved

In 2006, as part of our revised Royal Charter, we developed a

new strategy for Public Engagement and Consultation [PDF]


This explains why we believe public engagement is important, and the various ways in which we work with others. The aim is that we develop the national museums and collections together. We can also create better exhibitions, displays and activities that explore more of the histories of Wales, in more interesting and innovative ways, for more people.

Values for public engagement:

  • Everyone has the right to participate in the decisions about the work of Amgueddfa Cymru that affects their lives
  • Stakeholders in Amgueddfa Cymru can add huge value to the development and implementation of our Vision
  • Public engagement, carried out in accordance with the Consultation Scheme, should lead to change for the better at Amgueddfa Cymru.

Principles for public engagement:

  • Every engagement will make a difference;
  • we will be inclusive; and accessible;
  • we will use appropriate resources;
  • we will show respect to all those we work with;
  • we will comply with all ethical and legislative research practices;
  • we will be open, honest and clear with people about what can be achieved;
  • we will ensure that external expertise will be used when necessary to ensure independence;
  • that we will keep people fully informed throughout the process and of the agreed results to ensure accountability;
  • that we will develop sustainable relationships with the communities we engage with;
  • and that we will monitor and evaluate our work to ensure we continue to improve how we engage with the public.

This work is carried out by our staff working together with our visitors, those who don’t visit our museums, and those who access the collections through our website, at our partner venues or through our outreach work. This way, staff can hear first hand what people think about what we do, and how they think things can be improved.

We also use independent researchers to carry out large scale surveys, work with focus groups, and carry out major observation work. This complements the work carried out by staff and together the research creates a unique picture of how well the Museum works with people to develop the national museums of Wales.

Amgueddfa Cymru endorses the National Principles of Public Engagement in Wales.